*Update 1:
-I've added NG medals and they are awaiting approval, please do not be alarmed if those achievement seem none functional, once they are approved they will be running optimally
-I've also added an NG HighScore Board, enjoy the HighScores, if you experience any difficulties do not be alarmed the scores are being stored on files until scoreBoards are fully functional

The Objective: Survive Until The Timer Runs Out
The Enemy: Ever So Evolving Signals
The Weapon: Powerfull defense structures ready to exterminate the Enemy

When your computer is under attack by a monstrous virus and your antiVirus hasen't booted up, only you can defend your computer in the most realistic and logical way possible
By going inside you Network Interface Card and building defensive structures to destroy the enemy signals before they can harm your CPU

Guest: That was realistic?

Realistic enough

Guest: So what are these defensive structures

3 different turrets each with a special quality making it powerfull in specific conditions and adding tactics and strategy to the game

RAP-High Rate of Fire
WRP-Elevated Range of Fire
HCP-Great Fire Damage

Guest: Wait? 3? Blam this piece of crap

Wait good sir, there are only 3 but they can be upgraded until a maximum level 5

Guest: SO?

At level 5 each tower gains a special ability

Guest: Really?

RAP-Rocket Projectiles capable of damaging signals in any targeted area
WRP-Microwavescapable of Slowing signals
HCP-EMP capable of destoying all signals that it touches

Guest: That actually sounds Cool

Oh It Is?
But do you know what is really cool?

Guest: What?

Achievements and HighScores

Guest: Nice!

Also you can choose from 5 different difficulties
And tune the music and SFX to your liking
All in the options Menu

Guest: I Like

You can Mute at any time by Pressing M
And you pause in-game by pressing ESC

Guest: Good, easy and quick

The controls are easy
Click on a placement Position(Black Circles)
Then Choose:
-R or (Shortcut 1) To Build a RAP
-W or (Shortcut 2) To Build a WRP
-H or (Shortcut 3) To Build a HCP

Or Click on a Defensive structure(RAP, WRP or HCP)
Then Choose:
-Up Symbol or (Shortcut U) To Upgrade
-$ Sumbol or (Shortcut S) To Sell

Guest: I Like the shortcuts

Last but not least make sure you check out the tutorials for more details
Also visit the credit menu, there might be an achievment hidden there

Note: If you experience any bugs, problems or find something unclear or annoying, please PM or leave a comment detailing the issue so that i can fix it

With regards IhabN


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