* Click Unit Buttons in Top Left to Select
* Click Windows to Place Units
* Click Units with a Gold Star to Upgrade (Costs Gold)
* Move Mouse to Bottom Left of screen to Speed Time

* DELETE - Sell Unit under Mouse
* ESCAPE - Quit Level


Hard Tower Defense Game - Not for the faint hearted

Fight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls. 46 Unique Fighters, 40 Addictive Levels of Sword and Sorcery Bliss. Create clever strategies with 7 damage types - your physical weapons are Arrow, Blade and Oil, and magical skills are Fire, Storm, Necromancy, and Holy - but it always helps to have a little Imp casting Buffs too.

In Campaign mode you have get new types of unit to command on each level. Every Campaign level has a Star challenge which unlocks a unit for Freeplay mode. In Freeplay you can use all your unlocked units to aim for high scores.


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