Alright. This is the final demo for the game. It has the basics of what I wanted in the game and now I just need to see what you think I should add to the finished product. Now like I said it is fully playable. (The only thing not functioning is that the raid results show your total spoils all together instead of what you got from that exact raid.) So please feel free to comment and suggest ideas. (I am still in the beginning steps of flash so if you suggest something I might ask for an explanation. :P) Enjoy.

P.S. Look for the humor at the beginning of the game in the text on the manila folder.

*Oops. I just realized i completely forgot to add a game over function and screen. Well I will work on putting that up. It should be up by tomorrow.

*I am sorry for not adding this but here it is: I give full credit to the Fallout Franchise for names, ideas, etc. The story is even based on the life of a slaver. Again sorry for not stating this before.

UPDATE 1:Sound loops now.

UPDATE 2: I added a simple game over screen to the game for when you run out of health so use those stimpacks!

UPDATE 3: Credited the Fallout Franchise for the names, people, items, etc.

UPDATE 4: Unfortunately I lost the file for this game when my computer broke and I lost the flash drive it was on. O_o But I managed to get up a finished version that has a point. It was not posted on Newgrounds but was posted on Kongregate. If you are interested check it out.


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