How to use magnets:
- Use magnets to change the trajectories of charged particles that come from the Spawn Boxes.
- To place a magnet, roll over the Magnets Box, and drag a magnet onto the screen.
- To remove a magnet, simply drag it back into the box.
How magnets work:
- Particles that have the same charge as a magnet will be repelled if they enter the magnet's field (indicated by a grey circle).
- Particles that have an opposite charge will be attracted.
- Receive Boxes: can receieve particles only from one side (marked with an arrow).
- Receive Circles: can receive particles from any direction.
Magnet Types:
- Simple: Basic magnets with a set charge.
- Switchable: These may be turned on and off with a click.
- Reverse: You may change the polarity of these by clicking on them.
- Static: These are simple magnets already placed on a level. They may not be moved.


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