SINGLE FIRE: Just click the trigger like normal
AUTOMATIC FIRE: Press and hold down the "Space" key.

***UPDATED TO V1.3***
Added Browning BAR
Some other general info.

-Check my news posts for latest updates if you care, I will be updating the game every now and then with fix's and new features and new weapons.

Eh, its not really all that. You get 10 Guns to choose from to interact with. I did all the gun artwork and coding and animations and stuff like that. You'll get some good fun out of this for a while.


I may know some reloading may not be correct. Like wither you pull the pin first and take out the clips or take out the clips then pull the pin after you put a clip in ect. But if you dont know how to reload, then play moar counter strike.

Basically, Pull the bolt (click the bolt or the shell chamber)
Then click the clips
Then afterward click the bolt or chamber again to finish.


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