Thank you all so much for Daily First!! I've been waiting for this for 5 years :')

[EDIT] Added a Mute button and fixed some minor glitches (Not the hammer one!)

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Arrow Keys - Move left and right, and climb up or down the ladders
Space - Jump
P - Pause
M - Mute

Use the arrow keys to highlight the option on the menu, and press Enter or Space to select it.

It's been a long time since I last submitted something....4 years to be exact. During this 4 year hiatus, I always thought from time to time about creating something again, anything, but I had lost the inspiration or excitement I once had. But now, I'm back!

I started this game for fun, as I love Donkey Kong and I noticed there wasn't a decent flash remake on the site. I was NOT aiming to be original...I repeat, I am NOT original with this, I simply re-created it from scratch in flash. This was purely for fun! I took the liberty to change a few minor things but the game is the same as the original arcade version.

This game was quite the challenge, since I started it last year and it was not until now that I had the technical skill to complete it. I actually applied alot of things I've learned at college and it goes to show how much one can apply theory to practice!

Anyways, I'm happy to finally submit something to newgrounds again, and I hope you enjoy this complete DK Arcade Remake!


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