Instant fix: One of the SLAVE was broken, fixed it and put more power on the slave. the game will be easier now.


Hi everyone. Today i give you a challenge : A Bullet-hell single-level SHMUP that i made when i was bored. It's difficulty is rather high so least expect on finishing it on the first try. The enemies' pattern are fixed and synchronized to the song, so try to memorize the pattern, place the SLAVEs on the right place, find the efficient way to destroy their pattern. No bombs, no second try, skill + tactics only.

Arrow keys : Navigate
Z : Shoot
X : Change SLAVE's command

There are infinite armor/out options that will cut off your points by half and you won't get bonus points on finishing the game. Use them for practice only. If the game lags, tweak with the graphics options.

project site:

PS: Fails will not make you a loser. Practice makes perfect ;)


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