My submission for the Wiggi World contest. A game about a plant-based life-form named "Bushy" who takes on the task of picking up the litter in the park he calls home, left by school-children on field-trip.

Use Bushy's "green-thumb" powers to navigate the cliffs and water-ways of the park, and help him avoid his enemies. Earn more powers as you reach new levels. And pounce on some un-suspecting goats.

Edit: Added a couple of things. First off, the upgraded recharge rate should now allow for a lot more room for error when utilizing the seed powers. there is also now a tutorial that you can take to help you understand the game mechanics before being thrown into the action. Also a couple bugs (# lives displayed from level to level, and taking back control of character using mouse) and spelling error corrected.


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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