PLEASE PLAY BEFORE VOTING. This is an API game (everything except music is created using Actionscript).
Just because it's a small game, doesn't mean it's easy...
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Merlin has been messing around in his laboratory again, and has inadvertently released some unexpected, and potentially dangerous, spells. Help the wizard by grounding his spell bubbles.
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- Click and drag the icons on the right onto bubbles of the corresponding colour
- Match the size of the icon to the size of the bubble for higher scores
- If the icon is too large for the bubble, the bubble will pop, and your score will drop
- If a bubble/icon match is successful, catch the falling bubble in the cart for extra points
- Control the cart using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows or A and D
- Discard unwanted icons by releasing them anywhere. Don't let them hit the cart, though!
- If a bubble escapes, you lose 5 points and 1 Chance. 0 Chances = GAME OVER
- Preserve your Chances by simply popping the bubbles before they escape. No penalty
- Bubbles will appear, and move, more quickly as levels advance. Scores also get bigger
- Survive for as long as you can for a spot on the scoreboard
- Press P at any time to PAUSE
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This game took two weeks and a lot of headaches to create.
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Game breakdown:

Intro music - 8 KB
Main music - 41 KB
End music - 16 KB
Embedded font - 21 KB
Three SFX - 3 KB
All game code - 10 KB

Total = 99 KB
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Thanks for playing!


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