***As someone in the reviews suggested (thanks!), I added pause support. I was afraid it'd put me over the 30Kb mark, but lo and behold, just barely made it.***

***I guess some people are missin' the point... of course this isn't an original concept for a game, I've got a game just like it on my 2600. What is original is it's filesize (<30Kb... smaller than your average JPG). But, trash it if you must. I only spent a nite on it :)***

Well, I was gonna stay up all night long and work on Spindle 2, but gotta totally sidetracked with making this... a fast-paced space shooter that you can tuck into a preload sequence, complete with some cheesey sounds. As 99K proved, good flash don't gotta be big. And even that one was a mammoth in comparison.

Soon I plan to have a website full of Flash game tutorials, where I'll pour over every inch of this script in detail, as well as keep a log of programming Spindle and whatever else I'm doing.

Until then, dig it small!!

**I almost forgot! Late last night, unclemike put the idea of a tiny preloader space shooter in my head. Today, it is finished. Thanks for presenting the challenge to begin with!**


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